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Designed to meet the changing demands of today's maintenance departments

RAMCO Specialty Products Inc. – Quality Food Grade Lubricants

Cleaners and Degreasers — Supplying a complete line of LOW-VOC and NO-VOC cleaners and degreasers that meet and exceed today’s tough standards while delivering maximum cleaning and degreasing capabilities without compromising workplace safety or negatively affecting our environment.

Lubricants — RAMCO’s wide range of specialty lubricants for automotive, equipment, electrical, grounds and industrial maintenance include high temp, low temp, extreme pressure, synthetic, waterproof and solvent resistant lubricants, greases and oils for even the most adverse conditions; specialty lubricants that are NSF Registered for your food application requirements.

Microbial Cleaners — Specialists in hydrocarbon containment, reduction, remediation and tank degassing; Microbial Cleaning (Bugs) technology is a process specifically aimed at the containment and remediation of unwanted hydrocarbons. These may be either in the form of petroleum-based hydrocarbons, or fats and greases. RAMCO has developed four specific products to work in various areas.

Metal Coatings and Strippers — Supplying specialty protective coatings and strippers for a variety of applications.

High Temperature Grease heading — TRX-200 Red high temperature Benetone grease. TRX-200 high temperature grease is non-melting, a high tack grease that is resistant to water wash out and high shock load. Excellent in applications up to 500 f. Protect your equipment against High Heat applications with the TR-200 line of greases.

NO VOC Cleaners — RAMCO’s Zero or low VOC cleaners are an efficient way to clean heavy grease, oil and grime from most surfaces. Low VOC and NO-VOC cleaners are typically by-products of soy, corn or other food products which have been processed to effectively remove the most difficult grease and oily surfaces.

Microbial Cleaners — RAMCO Specialty Products has a full line of Microbial cleaners that TRANSFORM spent hydrocarbon contaminants into by-products of CO2, water and fatty acids. The PAC-ATTACK microbial cleaning line of products work in general surface cleaning –grease traps – oily tanks – and many other applications. Don’t Transport – Transform.

Food Grade Lubricants — Food Grade Lubricants both Grease and oils have been our specialty since 1981- Choose RAMCO Specialty Products for contamination free food grade lubricants. We offer water-proof, high temperature, spiral freezer low temperature lubricants safe for food applications.

Maintenance Supply Products — RAMCO is the best choice for your maintenance supply products. Lubricants – cleaners and a full line of aerosol maintenance products are stocked and ready for quick delivery. Penetrating lubricants – contact cleaners – safety solvents are all California complaint. Safe Cleaners and Soaps – Steam Cleaning Degreasers all compliant and ready to use.

Maintenance Aerosols — Maintenance Aerosols & Maintenance Lubricant and Cleaning Aerosols products are located on our website – Find Maintenance Aerosols supplies easily with full descriptions and applications. Aerosol wet, dry and silicone lubricants – cleaners – safety solvents – contact cleaners – rust busters and much more.

Open Gear Lubricants — RAMCO TRX-777 open gear lubricants are designed to perform in the harshest environments and most demanding applications. Will not wash-out or sling off and is waterproof. TRX-777 will penetrate to the inside core of the rope and protect it in the most difficult of applications.

California Compliant Cleaners — No and low VOC California compliant safety solvents, cleaners and lubricants for all maintenance applications.

Nsf Registered Products — NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Company™, providing public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers around the world.

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