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Designed to meet the changing demands of today's maintenance departments

Low VOC De-Greaser, and Metal Coating Products

MK-316 Stainless Steel Coating is a Super Tough Coating Containing Pure Stainless Steel Pigment in an ultra durable resin system. Seals, Beautifies and Protects Metal, Wood, Ceramics and more. Helps Prevent Deterioration Caused by Harsh Chemicals, severe atmospheres or Conditions. Dries Tack Free in 5 Minutes and to a Hard Cure in 2 Hours.

RAM STRIP Paint and Varnish Remover is a powerful clinging gel that quickly blisters lacquers, enamels, shellacs, and acrylics without attacking substrates such as wood, metal, masonry, stone or ceramics. Blistered paint can be scraped off or flushed away with water.

RESISTO-FLEX Metal Parts Protector is a long term, flexible, non-tacky, dust resistant coating that will not crack, peel, flake or check over a wide temperature range (-40°F to +175°F). It provides a translucent coating which allows identification codes underneath to be read easily. Can be removed easily with mineral spirits or a degreasing solvent. Many other coatings can be difficult to remove or removal may require special solvents. Packaged in a portable aerosol, it is easy to apply and dispenses a fine uniform film.

Available in 5 gallon bulk and aerosol

II ZINC Cold Galvanizing is a high solids, pure zinc coating that electrically bonds itself to metal surfaces. Equals protection provided by hot dip galvanizing methods. It resists corrosion and rust migration. Provides a tough, durable gray surface. Can be used as a primer prior to painting. Protects surfaces from salt water and chemical fume corrosion. Convenient aerosol is perfect for touch up of cold dipped parts.