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Designed to meet the changing demands of today's maintenance departments


“Producers of Synthetic Lubricants and Other High Quality Cleaning, Greasing & De-Greasing Products”

RAMCO Specialty Products was founded in January of 1980 by T.L. (Taub) Shepherd who had an extensive background in mechanical, oil drilling and maintenance services which led him to an understanding of the proper equipping of maintenance departments and the great need for improved safety and environmentally conscious products.

Although founded by T.L. Shepherd RAMCO Specialty Products was purchased in August of 2002 by Warren and Debbie Squyres upon the Shepherd’s retirement. Warren has been with RAMCO since its inception serving as a Sales Representative, then Sales Manager and Technical Advisor until purchasing RAMCO in August of 2002. Debbie continues to serve as an outside Sales Representative for RAMCO, covering various key accounts in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

RAMCO has been proud to maintain firm ties with some of America’s largest corporations and hundreds of small businesses due to their commitment and desire to seek out products and technologies that are safer for employees and greener in our environment. Catch the Wave… of environmental awareness.